In the last few years, the concept of INDUSTRY 4.0 has evolved. It is also known as “smart industry” or “the 4th industrial revolution”. The idea behind this concept is to find new ways of organizing the means of production. In turn, to increase flexibility, efficiency and adaptability of the manufacturing process for current and future needs of the market.

 Industry 4.0 is a new challenge for industrial development and it will certainly become a turning point for society due to the wider use of the Internet, applications and new technologies. As a result, we will have smarter and enviromentally-friendly factories. Moreover, supply chains will be interconnected, linking supply and demand markets.

INTEPLAST is at the forefront of manufacturing technologies and IT systems. For this reason, we trust and invest in “4.0 philosophy” and have launched our strategic project called “INTEPLAST 4.0”. Our facilities in Vall de Bianya and Klasterec Nad Ohri have centralised and automated management systems such as: directed picking (either for finished goods or raw materials), real-time manufacturing control (injection machines, working tools, etc), full traceability control with customers/suppliers and inter-connectivity between both production facilities.

Inteplast S.A.    Ctra. Camprodon km.2, 17813 Vall de Bianya    Tel. +34 972 29 30 03
Inteplast CZ.    Prumyslova 8, Verne Industrial Park, 43151 Klasterec nad Ohri    Tel. +34 972 29 30 03

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