Oral gel dispenser device

The design and manufacture of this oral gel dispenser device for a globally recognized multinational pharmaceutical company is a good example of the One Stop Shop concept that Inteplast offers its customers.
Starting with the customer’s requirements, Inteplast carried out product conceptualization, stereolithography (3D pre-prototype), the validation of the design shape, the selection of the proposed materials (each with its compliance documentation), migration tests, CAP/CAM simulations, prototyping, pre –series manufacturing, final retouching and validation, stability and stress testing, validation, the manufacturing of the multi-cavity molds and the design of the assembly station the customer needed to fulfill the global demand for this product.
The requirements were that, starting with a part from a catalog, the necessary technical changes would be made. These had to take into consideration the production volume to supply the world market, the ergonomics of the device, the standardization of primary packaging and the versatility of the product itself (as with a single device the customer makes four different products).
In parallel to the project development, Inteplast and the customer jointly studied the Value Stream Map, a logistics study to determine the best way to establish a continuous flow, adapting the packaging and the units of each to ensure the manufacturing needs.
Thus, with an optimal logistics flow, Inteplast was able to provide the customer with the introduction of returnable packaging, the minimization of stocks and the dimensioning of the supply chain to the customer’s own needs. The result was to move from 60-day stock rotation to only 5 days.

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