Inteplast Corporative 50 years

Technical Injection



Plastic solutions

Inteplast has 98 injection moulding Machines (35 – 320 TN) with several technologies: single material injection, 2k injection and full automated over-moulding processes.


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Inteplast has centralized distribution system and raw material treatment (dehumidification and drying). We are prepared to work with commodity materials (PP, HDPE, LDPE, ABS), technical materials (POM, PA6, PA66, PBT, PPO, PS, PC) and highly technical materials (HTN, PPS, PPSU, PTFE).


The high levels of automation at Inteplast allow precision overmoulding processes. We also have experience in in-line assembly after injection. The inserts we can use are: terminals and connectors, shafts, magnets, washers, o-rings.

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Our injection moulding units are equipped with robots for automated handling. We have several kind of robot technologies with last estate of the art.


Total monitoring. We can fully control various critical areas and dimensions of parts produced in-line. With these systems we are heading towards 0 defective ppm, and, are consolidating our knowledge of processes and achieving high traceability.

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We are able to design and produce assembly stations, either at the injection machine, creating complete integrated systems, or separate/independent complex stations. We have experience in laser marking, ultrasonic welding, data matrix recording, metal plate assembly, etc. 

- Integrated in the process

- External – full automated

- External – semi automated

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