Inteplast committed to solar power at plant in Vall de Bianya (Girona)

Inteplast - Plaques solars

Inteplast has installed 1,850 solar panels on the roof and side façade of its production plant in Vall de Bianya (Girona, Spain) to reduce carbon emissions, in an example of the company’s commitment to sustainability and the United Nations2030 Agenda .

By installing these solar panels, Inteplast will cover roughly 15% of its annual power consumption and stop 230,000 tonnes of CO2 from being put into the atmosphere each year.

Inteplast - Plaques solars

The Vall de Bianya plant has 10,000 square metres, three production areas and a white room for the medical division, with seventy injection machines, a metrology lab, mould workshop, warehouse, logistics space and offices. Given its activity, in 2023 it was classified as an electro-intensive company.

In recent years, Inteplast has taken several actions to make the company more energy efficient and promote its energy transition, as part of the lean manufacturing principles, and has recently been awarded ISO 50001 energy management certification.


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